Steps and courses

- different paces and different levels of achievement

At Kunskapsskolan, you study the various subjects either in 'steps' or in 'courses.' You will study English, mathematics and modern languages in several steps. Which step you start on depends on how much you have already managed to learn at your previous school. For each step, there are clear goals, and also a description of what is required to reach different grades. In all, each subject is divided into 35 steps.

The fact that the subjects are arranged in steps means that it is possible for you to study at a faster pace, regardless of your school year, and that you can study more steps than just those included in the basic compulsory school level courses.

You study the other subjects in the form of courses, where several subjects are connected by a common theme. Each course has a clear description of subject goals as well as grade requirements for the different subjects. You study only one course at a time. In each course, you choose between three levels of achievement which lead to the grades Pass (Godkänt), Credit (Väl godkänt) and Distinction (Mycket väl godkänt), respectively.

The steps and courses offer different kinds of lesson formats, such as lectures, workshops, seminars, laboratory experiments etc, which you and your personal tutor will put together in your weekly schedule. If you feel that any subject is particularly difficult, you can choose to devote more time in your personal schedule to teacher-led learning or independent studies in this subject.

Oliver, a student at Kunskapsskolan.