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Kunskaps­skolan in English

What is Kunskaps­skolan?

We provide education for children in grade 4-9 and we have 29 schools spread all over the country. Our schools follow the Swedish curriculum and all education is in Swedish.

What is the most important thing to learn when the future is constantly changing?

Technical development, globalization and climate change are affecting us now and will continue to affect us in the future. How do we prepare our children for this unpredictable future?

We believe in an education where our students not only develop a deep and broad knowledge of every subject but also practice skills. Skills like knowing how to plan and evaluate your own work, analyze, take initiative and be creative. This is what we believe our students will need to take on future challenges.

We offer an education with the ambition to help every student reach further and accomplish more than they thought possible. We do this by a student centered approach with the student in focus. Every student takes part in personal coaching sessions every week where the student and teacher set up personal goals and a personal timetable, which are based on each student’s abilities and objectives.

How to apply to one of our schools

You apply directly to the school/s you want to attend. It is free of charge to attend one of our schools and the order of admission is dependent on the date of application.

You find all our schools listed here. To apply to one of them, go to To be able to apply you will need an email address. The application must contain the child’s:

  • First name and last name
  • Swedish civic registration number
  • Address and contact information to the child’s guardian

If you need help with the application you can contact the school.

To find the school’s contact information please visit our website Go to the school of your choice under the tab “Välj skola”. You find contact information at the bottom of the school’s web page.

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Vanliga frågor

När kan jag söka till Kunskapsskolan?

Många föräldrar ringer och frågar oss om när man kan söka och om det bara är vid läsårsstart man kan byta skola. Regelverket ser ut så här: en elev kan i princip byta skola när som helst. Till Kunskapsskolan kan man söka när som helst, dygnet runt. Du ställer dig i kö genom att göra en ansökan på aktuell skolas sida.

Läs mer om vår pedagogiska modell här!

Mer information

Kunskapsskolan i Sverige driver grundskolor, gymnasier och vuxenutbildning under namnen Kunskapsskolan, Kunskapsgymnasiet och SkillEd.

De första skolorna startades år 2000. Idag går drygt 13 000 elever i de 29 grundskolorna och 7 gymnasieskolorna. Företags- och vuxenutbildningen startades 2016.

Kunskapsskolan ägs av grundaren Peje Emilsson med familj.