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Kunskapsskolan in Sweden welcomes students from Ukraine

Kunskapsskolan has for many years welcomed newly arrived students from other countries and we can now welcome children who have fled the war in Ukraine. In this article you can find information about how you apply for one of our schools if you recently arrived in Sweden.

In Sweden we have both public and private schools, the student and their parents decide which school they want the child to attend. All public schools and most private schools in Sweden are free and you don't need to pay tuition, if you choose Kunskapsskolan there's no tuition. Students in Sweden also get all the necessary school material for free and the students get lunch for free everyday. Both public and private schools have an obligation to receive new students as long as there's an available place.

Kunskapsskolan is a private school and we have schools in many different cities. Most of our schools offer education for grade 4-9, for children aged 10-15. Many of our schools can receive refugee children immediately. We have a lot of experience in receiving children from other countries and we give all our students a personalized education and support based on the student's needs.

One to one teaching

As a newly arrived student from another country you will be a part of a class with Swedish students in the same grade as you. You will also get one to one teaching or belong to a class with other students that recently have come to Sweden. You will get support in your native language in your regular schoolwork and you will also study your native language.

Kunskapsskolan has a pedagogical idea that makes us different from other schools in Sweden. All of our students have a personal coach that helps the student to plan their schoolwork. The student sees the personal coach individually once a week, during those meetings the student and the coach set up goals for every subject and make plans for how those goals will be reached and what help the student needs to be able to reach the goals.

On this page you can see where our schools are located and how you can contact the school that you are interested in.

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