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You always have the right to select a school for your child

As a parent, you always have the right to select a school for your child. It is free of charge, whether you choose a municipal or independent private school.

All children are assigned a school place in a municipal school in their home municipality. If you want to choose a private school, you will generally be required to send an application directly to the school in question.


What should you choose?

There may be different reasoning for selecting different schools. Criteria may include proximity to your home, quality of instruction or a certain educational technique. A good way to find out more about a school is to go to open days or just make a visit to gain your own understanding of the school’s techniques, environment and teachers.

How admission works

As long as there are free places, you can select the school of your choice.

If the school is full however, there are various principles for allocating the spots. At municipal schools the proximity principle is applied, i.e. your home address decides whether or not you get admitted.

At private schools there is a waiting list, or sibling priority may apply. This is the principle we use at Kunskapsskolan.

As many private schools are full, it’s a good idea to get on waiting lists for several schools. It’s free of charge to get on the lists and you do not need to make a decision until you are offered a place.

Are you a new arrival to Sweden?

If you have been living abroad and have moved to Sweden...

If you have been living abroad and have moved to Sweden you are considered a new arrival. This is the case for the first four years in Swedish schooling.

All municipalities will help you, as a pupil, to find a school. But the process varies. As a new arrival, you are also entitled to select the school you want.

Many private schools have a special waiting list for newly-arrived pupils, which allows them to jump the regular queue. This is the case at Kunskapsskolan.

At Kunskapsskolan, we have small groups of newly-arrived pupils at the majority of our schools. We want to give our pupils the best possible opportunities to attain good levels of learning and to integrate into society. Don’t hesitate to contact us if we have a school in your municipality.


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